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    Error when connecting to SSID and Vloc location issue

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      I am in charge of the wireless administration at my Healthcare employer.  We have been using the Bluesocket software for about 3 years with great results.


      We are using vWLAN version  We are using a mix of AP's, but the ones in question are the 1920 indoor  AP's (Firmware version  I have setup numerous clinics on different subnets of our network with no problems, however we just opened a new clinic, and I am experiencing two issues I have not encountered before.  I am unsure at this point if they may be related.


      Issue 1:  The AP's are not discovering the subnet under "location".  Every other subnet I have setup, the AP would eventually recognize the subnet and I would be able to add it as a location under the AP administration, and as the location for the role of the site.  At this site it is not occurring.  I confirmed with the network administrator that the DHCP is setup on the subnet's domain controller exactly the same as the other clinics, and the AP's themselves are pulling down DHCP addresses so it appears to be functional.  I am unsure what could allow DHCP to function, but not relay the location to the vWLAN software.


      Issue 2: I am unable to connect to any of my SSID's at the clinic location.  After entering the correct key, I am getting an error that the key is invalid.  I have reset the SSID key numerous times, and attempted with hidden and non-hidden SSID's.  All SSID's at this location have this issue.  It seemed to me that an issue with the location not being discovered most likely would not be related to not being able to connect to the SSID, but I am not 100% certain.


      If anyone has any ideas of what I can check or attempt at this point, it would be greatly appreciated.

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          If your issues have not already been addressed, here are my suggestions:


          Issue 1: The APs can only discover the native location, or basically the VLAN they pull their IP address in. Other locations have to be manually created in vWLAN and then pushed to the AP. Then location discovery will commence using the on-site DHCP server to make them active. You can read more about this in the BSAP Location Discovery and Troubleshooting Inactive Locations Guide.


          Issue 2: This is most likely related to number one. If a user cannot be put into a location because it is either inactive or it is the incorrect location, they will not receive connectivity.


          Please respond to this post if you have more questions.




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