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    Adding second switch 1238 POE 1703599 Gen3

    tommygator New Member

      I have existing 1238 POE installed (Switch1) and wanted to daisy chain a new 1238 (Switch2)  by connecting Gig ports.  I connected my gig port on switch 1 to gig port on switch2 with Cat6.    My new 1238P has IP routing enabled and I set a default gateway of the IP address of my Adtran Netvanta Router1 -   the next hop in the route table shows that Router1 IP.   When I connected Switch2, it disrupted communication on all the devices connected to the Switch1.


      Does IP routing on Switch2 need to be disabled in this scenario?  What could be causing the network disruption?


      The new switch is 1703599 Gen3, firmware version 11.4.4.   The original switch is a 1702599 gen2 with firmware 10.5.1


      There is no Data tab on firmware version 10.5.1 to set IP routing options