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    traffic-shape rate 10000000 is only for traffic exiting the vlan, not internal vlan traffic, right?

    curtc New Member

      I saw this: https://supportforums.adtran.com/thread/1383  and I have a question.  We have a symmetrical 10Mbps internet connection.  I think at times we may be exceeding that outbound.  At that time, I think my carrier may be dropping some packets. I want to throttle the internet connection (VLAN 666) outbound to 10000000 Bps so this sounds like it will work fine for me.  It seems like my router will buffer the excess instead of the carrier dropping packets.  Question.  I have several devices in this vlan public facing.  "traffic-shape rate 10000000" will only throttle traffic leaving that interface right?  Not the inter vlan communication between the devices on that vlan?  Thank you!