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    Extensions ring when sending fax

    3l3mn8r New Member

      We are using a 7100 with (2) Analog lines.  The secondary analog line is routed through a line sharing device (The Stick, diagram attached).  When sending a fax the extensions (VVX 400) will ring, client assumes incoming call but only hear fax tones.  Secondary line comes into Stick, Line 1 goes to FXO 0/2, Line 2 goes to Fax.  The Stick will forward fax to fax and phone to extensions (ring group) properly but sending fax causes phone extensions to ring.  We have been using the Stick device for some years now since the Adtran cannot route faxes natively and they have worked fine with this exception.  I have reviewed the configs and replaced Stick unit with new to ensure there are no issues there with no success.  Any ideas?