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    How do I apply an ACL to a VLAN interface?

    getzjd New Member

      We wish to apply an ACL to a VLAN interface on a 1638 with VRRP enabled, however, the same command that works on the 1335, does not seem to work on the 1638.  I tried looking into the AOS commands PDF , but it seems that the ip access-group command should work.  For example:


      I applied the access list  guest_block to the Interface VLAN 36  on a 1335 by simply issuing the ip access-group guest_block out command


      interface vlan 36

        description WirelessGuest

        ip address

        ip access-group guest_block out

        no rtp quality-monitoring

        no awcp

        no ip route-cache express

        no shutdown


      However, on the 1638, I receive the unrecognized command error.   What am I missing?


      BPHQ1638.1.1(config)#int vlan 36

      BPHQ1638.1.1(config-intf-vlan 36)#ip access-group guest_block out

      % Unrecognized command

      BPHQ1638.1.1(config-intf-vlan 36)#


      Do I have to use a hardware ACL instead?