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    Old firmware release

    luke.smith New Member

      I'm looking to see if maybe someone in the Adtran community has an old Netvanta 3120 firmware. I'm looking for NV3120A-R10-3-1-E.biz as I'm trying to troubleshoot an issue with one of my customers and I see it's not on our standard release and I don't see the historical releases going older than R10-9.

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          cj! Beta_User

          Hi luke.smith:


          I'm not sure of a way to obtain releases prior to the archived list (which goes back a of couple years).  If you have a unique issue requiring a specific release, I recommend contacting ADTRAN Support directly.  Although they're not obligated to continue support for very old product and software releases, I always find that the support engineers are eager to help.  If you cannot obtain the firmware image through ADTRAN Support, perhaps a work-around or alternative approach to your project/case can be suggested.