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    I want to stream Audio over a private point to point 64/56k dds circuit

    captainhook New Member

      I have a 64/56k dds circuit between 2 locations and I want to stream audio over this circuit without going through the Internet.

      I have (2) NetVanta 3200's with the 64/56k modules and I have 2 Comrex Bric-Link boxes which are used by Broadcasters

      for remote broadcasts via the Internet. I want to program Static IP addresses into both Bric-Links and just have 1 Bric-Link connect

      to the other via the IP Address over my 64/56k circuit. I just need to know how to configure the NetVanta boxes to do this.

      The site they are going to is 100 miles from here and I would like to have as much of it setup as possible before I go.

      Also the 2 ends are a couple miles apart and I don't want to have to run back and forth every time I change something.


      Thanks much