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    What does disabled-therm mean when listing power inline?

    reller New Member

      Netvanta 1535P. One interface showed disabled-therm on it. What does that mean?

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          evanh Employee



          The term "Disabled" generally means that the power inline functionality on that port has been disabled with the power inline never interface command. However, I am not familiar with the term you are listing in your question.


          Could you provide an example of this output and the associated NetVanta 1535P firmware version? Please remember to exclude any customer-sensitive data.




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              ricardo.ayala New Member



              I have ran into the same scenario. I found the switch was displaying the following:


              #sh power inline


              Total Power: 65.0W

              Total Power Used: 17.600W

              Total Power Available: 47.400W

              Average Total Power Used: 7.982W

              For a new device to be powered, there must be at least 19W available power.

              To power a Class 4 device, there must be at least 30W available power.


              'Limited' status is only valid for PoE+ devices that negotiate power using LLDP.

              It is indicated when the requested power of the PD is not met.


              Interface           Admin           Status          Power           Class        



              giga-swx 0/1        auto            Delivering      3.500           Class 4      

              giga-swx 0/2        auto            Delivering      5.100           Class 3      

              giga-swx 0/3        auto            Disabled-Therm  0.000           Class 0            

              giga-swx 0/4        auto            Disabled-Therm  0.000           Class 0      

              giga-swx 0/5        auto            Delivering      2.600           Class 4      

              giga-swx 0/6        auto            Delivering      3.200           Class 4      

              giga-swx 0/7        auto            Delivering      3.100           Class 4      

              giga-swx 0/8        auto            Searching       0.000           N/A      

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              jayh Hall_of_Fame

              I would suspect a fault with the device connected to that port, or possibly the cabling. Internal to most PoE-delivering devices is some form of overcurrent protection, often a thermistor and sensor. If a connected device consumes excessive power the thermistor heats up and shuts down the power to that port. I can't find a reference to it in the Adtran literature but this would seem to be the case.


              Depending on how the software handling the issue is written internally, the problem may disappear within a short time of disconnecting the offending device, it may require a shut -- no-shut of the port, or a reboot.


              If the 1535P itself is in a very warm environment or ventilation is blocked this could also cause such an issue.