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    NetVanta 1534P compatible sfp mods

    briangonyer Visitor

      What modules are compatible with the device, besides the ones listed in the compatible sfp list?


      The reason I ask is because I have gotten a demo 1531P to work with cisco compatible sfp modules; GCL-T, GLC-SX-MM, MGIBIC-LC03 and others that are not cisco compatible, HP, and generic sfp's that came with media converters.


      If this is intended behavior it is a nice selling point.  Or if this is a fluke and may change at some point.

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          evanh Employee



          Technical ADTRAN does not support any modules outside of our compatible SFP list. However, many other modules will work assuming they use relatively the same tolerances and support the same speeds. In many cases, other vendors SFP modules do work, but in some cases they do not as well.


          The only SFP products we make that have a narrow support range are the SFP+ XIM modules for the 1638. These only support ADTRAN SFP+ modules. Non-ADTRAN modules will not function in these XIMs.


          Please feel free to let me know if you have more questions.