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    Clients showing IP address

    net11 New Member

      2 weeks ago, our core layer 3 switch (3Com 5500G EI) and DHCP server (Windows Server 2008 R2) were accidentally powered off. I turned them back on, checked the configurations, and did not see anything indicating any configuration was lost.


      A few days later, our users started reporting problems receiving IP addresses on their wireless devices. (Looking at the vWLAN logs, it looks like the problem started after the switch and DHCP server were turned off, but the problem was not widespread yet.) I looked at our vWLAN controller and all devices connecting to our guest SSIDs/VLANs were showing a IP address. Devices on the main SSISs/VLANs (Native AP VLAN) were still working.


      I rebooted the DHCP server that afternoon, but that did not help. That night, I rebooted the 3Com switch and that seemed to get the guests SSIDs/VLANs functioning normally again.


      Last week, both wired and wireless clients (main and guest VLANs) were experiencing trouble receiving an IP addresses from our DHCP server. This led me to believe something happened to our 3Com switch when it was powered off, so I swapped it with another 3Com 5500G EI. I exported the configuration from the original switch to the replacement switch and so far, our wired clients seem to be back to normal.


      On the wireless side, though, some devices connecting to the guest SSIDs/VLANs are still showing a IP address in the client tab. It is primarily devices connecting to SSIDs that use web-based LDAP authentication, although an occasional MAC address authenticated device will show as well.


      All our locations are active in vWLAN and I can ping the default gateway for all the locations from vWLAN. I am running the most recent version of vWLAN and firmware for the 1800 and 1930 WAPs.


      Can anyone shed light on why some clients are still receiving a IP address?

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          briangonyer Visitor

          see if you can get a packet capture with wireshark on one of the clients that is unable to get an ip address, also does the clients mac address show up in dhcp address leases or even the windows event log?

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            adt765 New Member

            Have you checked the access points to verify that the correct locations are available to the ap's. When the access point boots it tries to find a dhcp server in each location (vLAN) and if it cannot then you will see the issues you are describing. The clients are able to authenticate but do not have access to that vLAN so they cannot get an IP.


            Is it possible that when the core switch was powered off that the ap's rebooted because of the control channel timeout, if they did then the access points may have booted but were unable to detect a dhcp server in the appropriate vLAN's. If this is the case then a reboot of the ap's would re-establish a connection to the correct vLAN's so long as the core switch was functioning.

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                adt765 New Member

                In vWLAN click on the Status tab, then click on Access Points, now expand the Locations for each access point to verify the correct Locations (vLAN's) exist.

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                    net11 New Member

                    The WAPs are set to DHCP and their controller access mode is set to discover (I use DHCP Option 43). I know the WAPs are talking to the DHCP server as I can reboot them and they come back every time. When we were running on the old 3Com switch, they would not come back online.

                    Every WAP is seeing the locations it needs to see. Just to test, I used putty to get into a few WAPs and I was able to ping the DHCP server and the default gateway for each subnet they need to see.

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                        kennethfernandes Employee

                        If your APs show the locations under status like Justin indicated then check the role the clients are in to make sure DHCP is allowed or all: For a client to get an IP address - DHCP (or all traffic) must be allowed outgoing, and DHCP server (or all traffic) must be allowed incoming.

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                            net11 New Member

                            The DHCP settings are correct for every role.

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                                briangonyer Visitor

                                Im not familiar with the 3Com switches but do you have a dhcp helper entry in your config to help clients find the dhcp server, if it was needed?


                                Also a test would be to take a pc and put it in the same location or vlan as your wireless clients and see if an ip addresses is issued.

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                                    net11 New Member

                                    Yes, I have a DHCP helper set on all the VLANs. I can tag the Ethernet NIC on a computer with either the main or guest VLAN and receive an IP address on either subnet via DHCP.


                                    Just to give everyone some background, I have used the Bluesocket vWLAN and WAPs for 4 years and have had the same configuration in place during that time (switches, VLANs, DHCP server, etc.). Up until the power problem 2 weeks ago, everyone connecting to the guest network would always receive a 10.252.x.x IP address. I have not changed any configuration on our switches or the vWLAN software.


                                    I noticed this morning a client connected to the 1930 WAP in our building initially showed a IP address when it connected, but after a refresh of the clients tab, it showed a IP address, like it should.


                                    I also noticed a co-worker’s Android phone that did receive an IP address (I saw the lease in the DHCP console), but was still showing in the vWLAN clients tab.

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                          butler741 New Member

                          I have this exact same issue. 

                          Verify in DHCP that the IP Address is : (example)
                          Ping the IP Address and get a perfect 5/5 response.

                          Look in the vWLAN and the device MAC is there and correct, but IP Address :


                          I also get devices that are listed as ACTIVE and yet they dropped off 15 minutes ago.

                          Click reload and still shows them as ACTIVE.


                          This happens all of the time to devices that leave one location and come back to another.
                          My network is setup correctly.

                          My DHCP server is responding correctly.
                          My Locations are all listed as active.
                          This is 100% a bug in the code or a hardware issue on the BSAP or vWLAN.

                          But, Adtran Support is useless.

                          They will tell you to upgrade your firmware and after that they will have no answers.

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                              daniel.blackmon Employee



                              Could you respond with the version of code you are running?


                              I ask, because per the release notes for various versions, there have been improvements and there are still some known issues. I am certain Adtran Support would like to know what issues you might have on current versions of code so that the product can be improved. Obviously the Support Team is not going to be able to fix software bugs, but they can certainly get your information to the correct folks so your issue and feedback are heard.

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                                  butler741 New Member




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                                      evanh Employee



                                      There is a current bug in software that causes devices to become stuck in the UI for long periods of time. In many cases these will eventually show as a address because they have become inactive under the system, but have not been properly removed from the UI. In many cases, you will see that they are still there and do have DHCP. This will be resolved in version 2.8.0, set to release May 5th.


                                      Your issue sounds similar, but I would definitely like to take a look at it. In the past when we saw this issue, the device would update once traffic past and the UI would correct itself. We have never seen it actually cause a specific client problem.


                                      I would definitely suggest you open a case again with our ADTRAN support team. I apologize you had a poor experience in the past, but I will personally make sure we absolutely resolve your issues this time without confusion.


                                      You can open a case by going to www.adtran.com/openacase or calling 888-4-ADTRAN (888-423-8726).



                                      Evan Hudson

                                      ADTRAN Technical Support Engineer