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    Can you reboot the Netvanta 160 remotely?

    gtb New Member

      As of today, we note that sometimes when the AP reboots, presumably due to intermittent interference, the reboot is not clean.  Specifically people cannot connect to the AP yet INSSIDER shows the AP channel is on, the SSID is broadcast, there is a ping response to the AP's IP address, and the Access Controller (NV 1531P in our case) shows all is normal.  We have the latest firmware, issued in late April, on the NV 160 and their Access Controllers.


      A reboot resolved this but it had to be done on site. I do not know if there is a way to remotely reboot the NV160 as this would have been helpful.

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          danb Visitor


          If you have remote access to the PoE switch I recommend that you shut down (or disable in the GUI) the switch port which is connected to the AP you want to reboot.  Wait a minute or so and do a "no shut" in the CLI or enable it in the GUI.  This will reboot the AP.


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