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    DHCP Windows Server and Adtran NV7100

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      I'm having the hardest time configuring DHCP on Windows Server 2012 R2 for the Voice VLAN 2. So basically, our client has the NV7100 which is assigning DHCP IP's to Data (computers) and Voice (phones). The vendor support was no help in assisting me in disabling DHCP on the Adtran so what I've been doing is deleting the DHCP scopes on the Adtran then activating DHCP on the Windows Server. Is this the correct way to disable DHCP on the Adtran?


      The dhcp voice options are set according to the documentation I've found on this forum; options 002, 042, and 066 were among the requirements for the Polycom Phones. I've also set 003, 004, and 006 as DHCP option standards.


      Upon rebooting the computers correctly receive a DHCP IP Lease from Windows Server but the phones do not. I've tried adding options 160, and 128 (vlan) but NOTHING is working. What am I missing?


      Also, I factory reset one of the phones to test. The phone gets a dial tone but doesn't have certain settings such as extension and lines as other phones have. How do I restore it's settings?

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          markfreeman Employee

          Yes to disable DHCP in the 7100, you simple just need to delete the LAN pool and VoIP pool from the DHCP pools section.


          I assume you have a voice VLAN on your network? If it is num2, then  you will need to make DHCP Option 66 on your windows server match the following:




          You will also need to set the NTP option which is 42 to be the 7100 also:

          This makes sure the phones have the same time as the 7100.


          This article give more info:




          What are your phones plugged into? Directly to 7100 or your company’s switches? How are the switch ports configured? Access or trunk ports?


          What is your native VLAN number?





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              zerovandez New Member

              Yes there is a Voice Vlan and the ports are Trunked.


              Here's a little breakdown of what it looks like

              Vlan ID: 2

              IP Address:


              Primary DNS:

              TFTP: ftp://polycomftp:password@

              NTP: Server


              I've set these options on windows DHCP server options and it just doesn't work. I've also followed that article that you linked. all phones connected to nv7100 ports.

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                  markfreeman Employee

                  If you changed the Data and voice vlan IP on the 7100, then there are additional voice settings you have to change, see step 3 and after you do that then make sure you do Step 5.







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                      zerovandez New Member

                      So I narrowed down the issue....


                      There's no communication between the Data Vlan and Voip Vlan. How would my windows server lease addresses to a subnet that it cannot communicate with? Two options are 1) setup second NIC as VLAN2 on same subnet as Voip Vlan or 2)setup firewall policies and routing on the NV7100. Since their vendor manages the NV7100, we're going to leave the phones on the Adtran, and move the Data DHCP to the Windows server.


                      Thanks for all of your help and replies! This was definitely a good learning curve.

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                          markfreeman Employee

                          What most people do is use the windows DHCP server to hand out IPs on the data network and then keep the voice DHCP pool on the 7100 for the phones. That is what we teach in class for the 7100.


                          Let me know if you have any other questions.



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