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    A/P random disconnects

    cjrolke New Member

      I have a combination of  42 bsap-1920 and bsap-1925 access points firmware version 6.9.1-7 controlled by a vwlan box running versions v2_5_1_07.  we have 6 A/Ps in a remote location connected via mpls and a couple times a week I have to reset the A/Ps because they show as being down.  is there a way to change the timeout values of the A/ps or the vwlan box.  looking at the a/ps that are shown as being down they look normal  (lights on etc.)   the units are connected via poe injectors on new runs of CAT5e cable.


      any ideas of what we can do to possibly solve the issue?

      has there been any more supplemental patches release for the units?