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    Slow fans down

    fsmith71 New Member

      My Netvanta 1535P fans are running at 100 Percent. Room is 72 Degrees. Need to know why they are at 100 percent.




      Fan Status  Chassis Fan 1: 100%
        Chassis Fan 2: 100%
      System Temperature  PoE Zone (Center): 73F
        PoE/CPU/Switch Zone (Right): 73F
        PoE/Power Supply Zone (Left): 75F
      Power SupplyRPS: Not Connected
      System Time01:24:18 PM EDT
      System Date May 15, 2015
      Memory Total Heap: 95,415,280 Bytes
      Free Heap: 88,230,896 Bytes
      CPU Utilization System Load: 5.51%
      1 Min Avg Load: 13.12%     5 Min Avg Load: 7.66%
      Min Load: 0%     Max Load: 100%
      Context Switch Load: 0.6%
      File System Total: 31,640,415 Bytes
      Used: 13,845,684 Bytes
      Free: 17,794,731 Bytes
      Time Server
      SNTP Last Sync10:05:59 PM EDT on May 14, 2015
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          evanh Employee



          The Fans in any NetVanta switch may run at 100% for any number of reasons. Temperature is obviously the most common, but other factors can cause the board to be hotter than the room temperature its set at.


          The good news is the fans in NetVanta switches are actually designed to run at 100% all of the time. We temper the rate down ourselves in software. So there is no concern that there is anything wrong with the fans, nor that they will imminently stop working for any reason.




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