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    Question about Telco Carriers no longer providing analog circuits

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      I was wondering if anyone here has heard anything about AT&T no longer providing analog circuits to it's customers in 5 years. I'm talking about RTNC radio circuits, FDDC data grade circuits and DHZA DS1 analog T1 connectivity? Someone said this was going to happen by the year of 2020. I can see POTS service going away and being replaced by Voip. I work at a PSAP 911 center and we use hundreds of RTNC,FDDC, DHZA type circuits for police, fire, EMS, City Services radios networks. Just wondering if there was any truth to this rumor or its a fact?



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          Here in Alabama it is happening now, They are not gone but getting one repaired is becoming all but impossible. I have a number of FDPC (DS0) circuits I use for a voted analog radio system, and the circuits have become so troubled that I cannot use them. I have repeatedly opened tickets to get the troubles repaired, but my trouble returns within days. It is to the point that I am transitioning to ROIP (Ethernet) backhaul in locations where I do not have microwave. I have been told by several AT&T contacts that analog services are going away.


          On January 1, 2015 my monthly service charges on all of my DSO circuits were increased 400%. I was also told that in 2017 the same would be happening to my DS1 circuits as well. The explanation was that they were becoming more difficult to maintain, but reading between the lines, they are pushing those services out.