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    dhcp / router recommendation for bsap1800

    joetho2 New Member

      I have sixteen locations, each with their own internet provider,  and one or two BSAP1800 access points at each location, all controlled by a remote VWlan virtual controller.


      I use a little trendnet 10/100 wired mini-router (<$20) at each location to provide natted DHCP and a little firewalling, and I would like to upgrade to a higher capacity router. Any recommendations?


      Thanks, Joe


      PS If there is anything about this in the archives, I couldn't find it.

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          jedidadjc New Member


          What is the bandwidth at each location or an average so I can recommend a router to you?  All the ADTRAN routers include a stateful inspection firewall which would do the job for most applications.


          Here are all the current Adtran routers available that would suit your needs.  Yes, some would be overkill, but there is something for everyone!


          Adtran Routers


          Let me know more specifics and we can go from there, or feel free to give us a call.



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