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    How do I access the Netvanta 1544 config without a management cable or network access?

    acollins59 New Member

      We hired a consultant a while back to help us configure a 1544 switch for iSCSI for our virtual environment.  He promised us documentation after it was placed in service, but before he delivered on that promise he pulled a disappearing act - closed out his email account, stopped returning phone calls, etc  The entire switch is set up on a totally different network (VLAN) so I can't telnet into it or get to the web interface and the only documentation is a label on the switch that tells what the IP address of the switch is.  It probably came with a management cable, but I can't find one.  The way the switch is installed, it is very difficult to access the back of the unit.  I can't see, but feeling around back it feels like the management port is female 9-pin serial.  I have no idea what is supposed to be on the other end of the cable, but if it is 9-pin serial, it is getting harder to find laptops i9n our organization that still have them.


      Since there is a physical connection from our network to the switch, I was hoping I could change the IP and subnet of my PC to the same network as the switch and access it that way.  Unfortunately, that did not work.  I also tried hooking a laptop directly into one of the empty ports (in fact I tried every empty port - guessing all the unused ports are shut down) and tried to bring up the web interface, but still could not get to it.


      I really need to check some settings on this switch but have no idea how to access it at this point.  I tried calling tech support, but without a serial number (which I was unable to provide), they could not help me.  So if anybody has any ideas, I would greatly appreciate hearing them.  At the risk of looking stupid, I hope I am forgetting something obvious.