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    Bluesocket Failed to send configuration to AP

    drjarmon New Member

      AP stop allowing clients to associate.  Syslog event: Bluesocket Failed to send configuration to AP.  Resetting AP normally clears problem.  Looking for a longer term solution.



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          goldir New Member

          First time commenter. Figured I would give this post a bump since I am encountering a similar (or possibly the same) issue
          All BSAP 2030s are going into a boot loop immediately after this message displays in the vwlan event log.

          Here is the firmware information for my APs.  They are brand new (received them on Thursday)

          Product Name      :     BlueSecure AP/Sensor

          Model Id          :     BSAP-2030

          Hardware Id       :     2030-1010

          Hardware Revision :     1

          Software Version  :     6.9

          Software Revision :     0

          Software Build    :     31

          Serial Number     :     2030121505xxxx


          The AP will boot up and the network status will say it is communicating with the controller.  Then the AP will reboot and I will get the message

          Syslog event: Bluesocket Failed to send configuration to AP


          I suspect the issue may have something to do with communication issues between the BSAP's and the vwlan controller. Has anyone mishmashed together a list of troubleshooting steps for testing communication between the vwlan controller/BSAPs? Either that or there is something funny going on with the config.


          Also, is there a way to get more detailed troubleshooting information from the BSAPs by adjusting the logging level or somesuch?


          Posted this over a month ago and all I hear is crickets.  Maybe I'm not providing enough information?  The access point talks to the controller.  The AP reboots itself exactly 60 seconds after coming up, but ONLY when it can connect to the controller. I am attaching a puTTY log file as a reference. The really interesting stuff happens around line 1083.  Additionally, I factory defaulted the AP and as soon as it talked to the controller and configured, the same problem occurred.


          I am really hoping to get some kind of answers or even a helpful hint on this one, because my boss is getting angry.  We were planning on recommending this product as a solution to our 1Gbps internet customers, but we can't even get it to work for us.


          If I don't get it working soon, I am concerned that
          1) He will decide to go with another solution and most likely contact Adtran to arrange sending the equipment back
          2) He will decide to get someone else to implement said solution.  I don't like unemployment.

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              goldir New Member


              I finally found the cause of the problem.  Turns out (for some reason) firmware revision does unholy things to our network.  This was the cause of the boot loop as well as the reason our entire corporate network crashed.  For some reason the AP's were hammering our Juniper router into submission with one request every 10ms. Once the AP's were upgraded to all the problems resolved themselves.  My job is safe.


              LESSON LEARNED:


              It is critically important (at least in our case) to ensure that your AP firmware and vWLAN version are compatible with each other.  Our vwlan controller was running 2.5.1 and it was most definitely NOT compatible with AP firmware  I hope this info helps others.

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                  evanh Employee



                  This is absolutely a great point. As of now, with all of our feature releases containing large amounts of new AP features, backwards compatibility will be sparse. It is always important to consult the vWLAN release notes on which AP firmware file to run so you do not have unintended downtime.


                  We apologize for your trouble Philip and are delighted to here you will be safe. Please let us know if we can help in any way.