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      A client of mine have BlueSocket APs, their virtual controller and their self-signed certificate. WPA2-Enterprise works fine with Windows 7, but not 8. My suggestion was to put a real certificate on it. They said they needed to update Steel Belted RADIUS (and no plan as to when) to fix the problem. Does that even make sense?



      They're getting a TLS1_ALERT_BAD_CERTIFICATE 42 error. Google isn't much help. Trying to find a way to mitigate the issue until they get off their backsides and fix it properly.

          evanh Employee



          Certificate problems are generally between a client and the specific server. All the APs do is pass the certificate information along through. Unfortunately there is not a lot to do inside of vWLAN to fix certificate issues except to get the correct certificate information uploaded (if it exists).


          In your case, I believe your client was just saying they needed to upgrade their RADIUS server as it was causing the problem. A real certificate could make a difference, but without more knowledge about their particular server, there is not a way to know.


          Being a client side problem, there is likely nothing you will be able to do until they resolve their server issues themselves.

          Let me know if you have more questions.