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    "Cannot add 'match vlan 2' to a map applied to a non VLAN interface."

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      Consider a 3120 router with

      switchport 0/1 = default and used for computers. and

      switchport 0/2 = vlan2. Only VOIP phones are on vlan2 . I wish to establish QOS by vlan tag not DSCP value.



      In the GUI, I try changing a QOS map from DSCP packet matching to VLAN ID " I get the above error in the title of this post.


      This is what I'm trying to do. Is this config valid?


      interface eth 0/1

      ! Comcast upload speed

        traffic-shape rate 10000000

      qos policy out VOIP


      qos map  VOIP 10

      ! Only phones on vlan 2

        match vlan 2

        priority unlimited


      interface switchport 0/1

        no shutdown


      interface switchport 0/5

        no shutdown

        switchport access vlan 2

        switchport voice vlan 2

        • Re: "Cannot add 'match vlan 2' to a map applied to a non VLAN interface."

          Thanks for posting your question on the forum! I moved your question to the NetVanta 3100 discussion space so that other users looking for help could view it as well.


          What you are trying to do is valid, but since ethernet 0/1 is a layer 3 IP interface, it is unable to match by VLAN. The best way to accomplish this is to create an inbound QoS map and apply it to VLAN 2. In this QoS map you would tag the VLAN 2 traffic with a DSCP value. Then you would match that DSCP value on the QoS map you have assigned to your WAN interface.


          You can find a similar example in this guide: Configuring QoS in AOS Specifically, you will want to look at example #4.


          Let us know if you have any questions.