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    Can I remember authenticated users for longer than the idle timeout?

    leslieplauche New Member

      I'm using Bluesocket vWLAN. Every time my users take a break of more than 10 minutes (600 seconds) without using the wireless network, they have to reauthenticate on the captive portal. It gets annoying.


      Is there a way to remember authenticated users by their MAC addresses for, say, 90 days, while leaving the idle timeout set at a lower value so that we don't have a boatload of active sessions? What I'd like is for the active sessions (and DHCP leases) to expire relatively quickly, but once a user has authenticated via the captive portal, their MAC address should be trusted for authentication for a much longer period of time.


      Would I need to build a RADIUS server with a web interface to allow SIP2 authentication in order to initially process the login, but then let the RADIUS server approve users based on the MAC address?