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    Unable to access web config

    tim.waring New Member



      Just got an Adtran NetVanta 6310 device to try and connect VoIP trunks via a PRI interface up to an Alcatel OXO.


      Was going through setting up the device. I tried updating the firmware as per the guide on the site here.


      When that completed, I could not see the voice details on the web config page. So I decided to try and roll it back to the firmware that was running previously.


      Once this was done, I can now no longer access the web config page. I have no issues getting onto the command line via SSH or Telnet.

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          geo Employee

          Hello Tim,


          Sometimes problems like this are related to the web browser/ADTRAN interaction.  Try clearing the browser cache and cookies.  You can also try another web browser.  What version of AOS firmware are you running?




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              tim.waring New Member

              Sorry, had forgotten that I had this thread...


              Ended up fixing it by 1 line of config.


              Config had the line 'no http server'.


              Removed the no from the line of config and could then get on.


              Not sure why the change in firmware would have disabled the web config.


              Thanks, anyway.