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    How to connect 1224st to internet

    pgodfrin New Member


      My first post here...

      I have  a T1 gateway, Cisco 1941, with 2 ethernet ports. One is connected to my ASA 5505 which serves the 'inside' network. The inside network communicates to the internet via this connection.


      I have connected the second ethernet port from the Cisco 1941 to the gigabit 1 port of my 1224ST. I am trying to get devices (ip phones) connected to the 1224st, via a dhcp pool:


      ip dhcp-server pool "voip"


        dns-server xx.xxx.xx.174

        netbios-node-type h-node

        default-router xxx.xxx.xxx.205

        lease 8


      Where the default-router is the gateway and the dns-server is provided to me by the ISP.

      I have managed to have a phone get a dhcp address (212), but for some reason my windows laptop cannot, thus I assigned a static ip (11):

      ADDRESS          TTL(min) MAC ADDRESS        INTERFACE             TYPE     19       <snip>  vlan 1                Dynamic    16       <snip>  vlan 1                Dynamic


      I would like to find a way to make the DHCP acquired ip addresses connect to the internet - can someone help me understand how to do this?


      much thanks,