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    Running the NetVanta 3140 in "transparent mode"

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      Is it possible to run the NetVanta 3140 in "transparent mode"?

      Here is what I'm looking for:

      Server (Public IP) -> NV3140 -> CPE Router


      I want to use the ACL feature in the NetVanta's to only allow specific public IPs to access the server.


      Thank you

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          You should be able to use the 3140 for this application but it depends on what you mean by transparent. There may be a couple of ways to accomplish what you want. You will more than likely have to turn on the 3140's firewall. How many usable public IPs have you been given by the ISP for your network? You will have to assign a public IP on the 3140 WAN and another public IP (from a different subnet) on the 3140 LAN. The next step would be to enable the firewall where you would need a policy-class on the 3140 WAN that will allow the traffic you want to the server.


          I hope this helps, but please do not hesitate to let us know if you have any questions.