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    Intermittent loss of Telnet/Remote access via LAN IP?

    adtn99 Employee

      I recently worked with an MX2820 customer experiencing intermittent loss of Telnet/Remote access via LAN IP.  This particular customer informed me they'd recently upgraded their LAN/IP Network with new routers.  I informed the customer the MX2820's LAN IP Interface supports both 10Base-T and 100Base-T via options within the SCU Module.  The customer checked the router's LAN IP Interface and it was set for Auto.  Changing the router's LAN IP Interface to 100mb to match the SCU Module's 100Base-T setting resolved the issue.

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          We are experiencing something along these lines of intermittent loss. The SCU is extremely slow, pings show that the time is hundreds if not thousands of ms. We have two 2820s and only one is impacted, both connect to the same management switch similar configs, etc. I have hard coded the MUX and our switch to 100mbps to no avail. I am able to reboot the SCU and get functionality for about 10-15 minutes and then it bogs down so slow that it is unusable if accessible at all. I am afraid to re-seat the card without a spare on hand (we are looking at getting a spare on site asap).


          What other troubleshooting capabilties is there for the Ethernet/Management side of the SDU?


          I cannot find anything but DS1 stats and PMs, also there are no alarms on the SCU (the only alarms are on my respective DS1s that are down). I also cleared the alarm log think all the unacknowledged alarms were slowing the system down...


          Any thoughts?

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              adtn99 Employee



              The MX2820 SCU doesn't contain any trouble shooting performance data for the LAN/IP Management interface.  Based upon your trouble description i.e. works 10 to 15 minutes after re-booting the SCU then bogs down again could be caused by a couple of issues.


              What software version is the SCU running?  The latest released software version for the SCU is F05.  You can determine the software version by selecting SCU from the main menu followed by configuration (will list software version, S/N, and P/N information as well).


              What software version are the Mux Modules running?  Mixed/Mismatched code between redundant Mux Modules can cause issues within communications buss between the SCU and Mux Module slots.  Latest released software for M13 Mux Modules is F05 as well.


              Standard procedure is to make sure all the Modules are running the latest released software.  If you see mixed software I recommend you contact ADTRAN TECH Support 800-726-8663 to open a Remedy Request.


              You can remove/replace the MX2820 SCU Module from the chassis and it will not affect the traffic being carried by the Mux Modules.

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