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    How to connect NetVanta 1544 to Nexus 6000 switch via 10GB SFP/Twinax cables?

    ltitsupport New Member

      We have a few NetVanta 1544 switches that we'd like to use as Distribution layer switches. They have the SFP connections in the back, but when I attempt to connect the NetVanta to our Cisco Nexus 6000 with a 10GB SFP/Twinax cable, nothing happens. The ports on both switches are configured as Trunks and are set to 1GB speed, but when I connect the cable, there's no activity and the port on either switch shows status as down.


      Is it possible to do what I'm trying to do? I'd think that at the very least I'd get some attempt at a signal, but the status doesn't change at all, as if I never plugged anything in.