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    Upgraded Firmware but now have Problems with IP Phone Configs

    juad Visitor

      I recently upgraded the firmware on our Netvanta 7100.  After the upgrade, when I try to change phone settings through the management console I receive errors after hitting Apply.  Also, under Voice - IP Phone Configs all phone configs are in orange and a message states "Deprecated phone model setting detected.  Please double-click the highlighted item and select a new phone model." The problem with that is that when I selected a new phone model from the list provided for one of the phones, the phone failed to boot afterward and I had to manually make some changes to the configuration files for it to boot back up.  Any ideas on what I'm dealing with here?  My thought is that I have to upgrade the firmware on all phones to be compatible with the new Netvanta 7100 firmware but I don't want to upload the new phone firmware, reboot the phones and have them not boot like what happened to me with that one I mentioned.  Appreciate the help.