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    backup with python not working

    jasonthephoneguy New Member



      I'm trying to do a backup of our Netvanta 7100 using Python. I run the script, and it creates a readme.txt file that tells me:


      2015-02-24 11:01:54,247 INFO Logging into 7100 using:

      2015-02-24 11:01:54,250 INFO        IP:

      2015-02-24 11:01:54,252 INFO  Username: backupftp

      2015-02-24 11:01:54,253 INFO  Password: *******

      2015-02-24 11:01:54,253 INFO   Archive: zip


      I've used tar, and zip. Neither one of these will create the backup file with the appended date as it says it will in the directions. I am able to login using CoreFTP and my ftp credentials above, so I'm not thinking that's the issue.




      Thank you!!!

      - Jason