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    vwlan high availability failing with 404

    gosh1976 New Member

      I am setting up new vwlan controllers and replication keeps failing between the master and node. The error showing in the log on the master is below.


      Failed to replicate to x.x.x.x - Got 404 response for PUT request to https://x.x.x.x:3000/platform/ap_licenses/1


      I can telnet to 2335 on both controllers and 3000 is definitely open on the firewalls as I can get to the web portals.  Does anybody have any ideas?

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          daniel.blackmon Employee

          I notice you hid the IP address, which indicates possibly that both vWLANs are behind NAT. If that is the case, then go to Configuration > System > Settings > Platform and search for "Public IP" which should give you two results. Verify the Public IP address settings there.


          Otherwise, please give us some more details. If you have a current support contact, then you might consider calling 888-4ADTRAN and opening a ticket with a support engineer.