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    how do i get the interface LED's to light up when i plug in a cable?

    jkrier2014 New Member

      hello all!!


      this is my first time posting, so forgive me if i get something wrong...


      anyway, i have a 1534p and the LED's above the interfaces are not lighting up when i plug in a cable.  the interface comes up and will pass traffic, but i would like a visual indicator that the interface is up.  anybody know the commands to enable the LED's?

      thanks in advance!


      1534P-2#sho int g 0/12
      giga-swx 0/12 is UP, line protocol is UP


      ADTRAN, Inc. OS version R10.9.1
        Mainline Version: ENM.13.100
        P4 Changelist: 102711
        Checksum: 562E9C8D
        Built on: Thu Oct 10 22:34:45 2013
        Upgrade key: 37fe2c302978c29267f53ec5800f2fea
      Boot ROM version
        Checksum: 1D2C
        Built on: Fri Sep 24 13:25:20 2010
      Copyright (c) 1999-2013, ADTRAN, Inc.
      Platform: NetVanta 1534P, part number 1702591G1
      Serial number LBADTN1411AH782
      Flash: 33554432 bytes  DRAM: 134217727 bytes