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    Express ARP Cache limits per vlan

    drjarmon New Member

      Adtran 1544 Gen 2 Spec sheet has ARP Entries listed 512 per interface / 1000 Total.  Would less than 512 active IP addresses per VLAN be a recommended best practice?


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          It depends on the nature of your network and the IP subnetting scheme you're using.


          512 ARP entries for a VLAN would imply that you were setting up an IP subnet that is /23, which would give you 512 host addresses. That's not something I would normally recommend unless there were very specific circumstances that required that large of a broadcast domain.


          Most customers use a standard /24 or even smaller subnets, so the ARP cache limit of 512 isn't an issue.



          Ronnie Colvin

          Adtran Applications Engineering

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            I am marking this assumed answered. However, if you have more to add please do not hesitate to do so.