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    Length of Dial Tone before busy

    broswell New Member

      Adtran Atlas 550 with 8 port FXS ports.

      Pick up a phone, I hear dial tone and can dial out.

      But if I delay dialing for more than 4 seconds, I get a fast busy.

      My application does not dial that fast.  Any way to increase the timeout?

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          patrick Employee

          Yes, you can adjust the timeout.

          Under the DIAL PLAN in the GLOBAL PARAM(eter) there is a setting called "End of Number Timeout" which can be 4 seconds to 16 seconds. This is how long the ATLAS waits to hear DTMF digits, or how long it will wait between digits before trying to process the call. This is used in combination with the NUMBER COMPLETE TEMPLATE, so that if the number you dial does not match one of the templates, the ATLAS will delay for as long as the timeout is set for before processing the call. This is primarily used for international dialing because there is no set template that will cover all the possibilities for international dialing.


          Hope this answers your question,