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    IP 700 Call Logs and Dial

    nathanscott New Member

      Have a Adtran 7100 with FXO trunks for inbound and outbound calls.  From a IP 700 seriers phone if you are to pull up a call log and then try to dial a external number from the list you receive a fast busy tone.  I would have to say this is related to the dial 9 for a outside line, but is there a way to fix this issue?


      Thank you


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          markfreeman Employee


          Easy fix, go to Voice > System Setup > System Parameters and scroll down to the bottom and click the ANI Substitution tab.


          Add the following rules, two of them, hit the Add Substitution button after entering them. Then click the Apply button at bottom to apply changes. Then click the Save button at the very top to save changes.  If you can’t see the images via email, then visit the forum page to see them.



          Local Calls: (the picture depicts 10 digit local dialing, if you’re doing 7 digit, then enter NXX-XXXX)



          Long Distance: