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    Remove DND Softkey on Polycom VVX300

    dmac New Member

      I have been trying to remove the DND Softkey from our VVX300 phones. We are using a 7100 with firmware R11.2.0.E. Phones are running 4.1.6. I found this command on the Polycom Community that should remove the softkey:


      <dnd feature.enhancedFeatureKeys.enabled="1" softkey.feature.doNotDisturb="0" />.


      I have been experimenting adding it to the "Polycom customer-sip.cfg" file under IP Phone Globals / Global files on our test system. I have tried it inside the  <localcfg> tags and outside the tags at the end of the file with no change on the phones. Is this the correct command and which location in the file does it need to be put? Do I need additional tags?

      I have several remote offices that want the softkey removed from the phones.


      We are currently using the <serverMissedCall call.serverMissedCall.1.enabled="1"/>between the <localcfg> tags to disable the missed call notification on the phones.

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          markfreeman Employee


          That command is for 5.1.1 See this link:



          We tested the following command below on 5.2.0 and verified that it works. Polycom UC software 5.2.0 has not yet been tested and approved for use with the NV7100 so be aware of that if you choose to upgrade the phones. It should work but just understand we haven’t tested it yet.




          That command will disable this feature and remove the softkey.


          Let us know if you have any questions.



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            dmac New Member

            Thanks for the clarification on this. The information on the web seems to get confusing as to which version can do what.



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                pascoit New Member

                We have implemented using firmware version 5.2.0 on the Polycom VVX300 phones to rid us of the dreaded "DND" soft key. Don't understand why Adtran hasn't approved a newer firmware version on the phones. The only caveat I have seen in over 6 months is the Admin password needs to be changed otherwise you get a yellow triangle on the display to notify you to change the Admin password.


                  To install the 5.20 version:

                1> Download the 4.1.8 Firmware from Adtran for the VVX300 phones and install under "IP Phone Globals" "Boot Settings" "Phone Firmware" in the GUI.

                     a> Once installed boot / re-boot a phone to verify it will load the 4.1.8 firmware

                     b> Verify Firmware on phone, "Menu" "Settings" "Status" "Platform" "Application" "Main" (short cut "Menu" Settings" "4121" )

                2> Download the 5.20 firmware from Polycom (I downloaded "Polycom_UC_Software_5_2_0_release_sig_split.zip".

                      a> Extract 1 file from ZIP, "3111-46135-002.sip.ld" (you will FTP this file to the 7100)

                2> Change the Admin Password in the "IP Phone Globals" "Boot Settings" "Local Phones" (at the bottom). I use 4 numbers instead of 3.

                3> Save all changes.

                4> FTP the 5.2.0 "3111-46135-002.sip.ld" firmware file to the CFlash:\ Polycom  folder overwriting the 5.1.8 file.

                5> Reset one VVX300 Phone to Factory and let it boot to load the new firmware. Once loaded verify the version on the phone.

                     a> "Menu" "Settings" "Status" "Platform" "Application" "Main" (short cut "Menu" Settings" "4121" )

                6> To remove DND Soft Key (only removes the soft key, DND is still available via the Menu button)

                     a> Go to "IP Phone Globals" "Global Files"

                     b> Add "<dnd feature.enhancedFeatureKeys.enabled="1" softkey.feature.doNotDisturb="0" />." between the  <localcfg> and </localcfg> tags

                           (we also disable the "Missed Call" Notification that is supported in earlier firmware"


                Example:     <?xml version="1.0" standalone="yes"?>
                                    <!-- Customer SIP Application Configuration File -->

                                    <serverMissedCall call.serverMissedCall.1.enabled="1"/>

                                    <dnd feature.enhancedFeatureKeys.enabled="1" softkey.feature.doNotDisturb="0" />.