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    WhatsConfigured Scripts

    petetransitguy New Member

      I created this script for the Adtran NetVanta 1238 & 1234 switches I manage and it worked.


      First, the device must be discovered on the WhatsUp server console via SNMP and displaying the OID under Device Properties > Attributes. I am running WhatsUp v16.2.7.


      To create the script, go to the WhatsUp web console, Configured tab, System Script Library.

      Click New & give it a name, like "Adtran Backup Running Configuration."

      Click Add and add the device OIDs or IP addresses.

      I found it simpler to use OIDs. Next, select the script from the drop-down: BackupRunningConfig.

      Last, enter this script in the Script Text field:



      [-] @enable


      terminal length 0


      show running-config




      After it's done, you can add more OIDs by clicking Edit, Add, and then pasting the OID into the Key Value field. This also works for many other NetVantas, such as the 3400 series router.