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    Default Ring group not answering

    hiattech New Member

      Recently, our NetVanta 7100 started acting up. When a person calls in, it should answer after one ring and then go to an automated system that let's them choose the extension they want to be transferred to.  For some reason, this stopped working.  There have been no changes to the system that we know of that should have caused this.  I have gone into the settings and made sure the phone number for the business is set in the DiD for the ring group and that it's set to go to the correct menu recording.  But whenever we call in, it doesn't do that.  It goes straight to one of the phone lines for sales.  Does anyone have any suggestions for checking this?  I have gone through every menu and option looking for something that might be causing this. 

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          markfreeman Employee

          What is your PSTN connection? SIP, PRI, or analog?



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            jephph New Member

            If no changes have been made to cause this change in call handling, one physical defect that might possible create these symptoms is the loss of the DSP's.  To check for this, telnet or ssh to your 7100 and "show version"  --  Right after the system up-time, you should see something like this:


            slot 0, DSP 1

              DSP software version: G2.R10.8.M.4b

              DSP hardware version: Freescale MSC7119

              Total channels: 30


               If you don't see this, then that indicates that the DSP's are not detected, and the unit will most likely need to be replaced to correct this issue, since the DSP's aren't field-replaceable.  If you DO see the DSP's [and no config changes were made to alter call-handling], then you should start off with some debugs such as: debug voice summary and debug voice detail.