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    AP's missing from Status -> Access Points

    bremmer New Member

      We are running vWlan v2.4.0.12 with AP 1920's on firmware v6.8.0-18. None of the AP's show up under Status -> access points anymore. Also, Status -> Clients no longer shows connected clients, further the AP licenses no longer show under Configuration -> Wireless -> AP Licenses. I have reinstalled the license file a couple of time to no avail. I had made no changes to the configuration when this started. On the day this started I did notice that I was not able to access the Web UI and a reboot of the vWLAN appliance fixed this, I had to reboot it twice that day. I have not had a problem with the Web UI since then but the AP's. clients and licenses disappeared.

      We are still able to connect to the SSID's though and the AP's do show up under Configuration -> Wireless -> Access Points. Any one have any ideas???