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    Upgrading from vWLAN to

    bremmer New Member

      I am looking at upgrading our vWLAN from to The release notes say to use the new OVA when upgrading from 2.1. Is this not necessary whe comming from

      I believe I am NOT to apply the new AP firmware v6.9 to the domain in vWLAN before upgrading to Is this correct?



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          gregc New Member

          I just upgraded from the ISO just fine yesterday from to


          As far as the firmware, I know the old firmware doesn't work with, I am not sure about the other way around.  I would say updating the AP firmware after the vWLan software is the safest bet.

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            daniel.blackmon Employee

            I just want to make a clarification here.


            The OVA is used for deploying a new vWLAN.


            The IMG file is used for upgrading an existing vWLAN deployment.


            If you are upgrading from vWLAN 2.4 to vWLAN 2.5, then you should use the IMG file. Browse to Administration > Platform Upgrade, check the box to maintain your configuration, load the IMG file, and run the task. Afterwards you have a pending platform task to switch partitions. When you are done, you will have vWLAN 2.4 on the alternative partition. That way if you for some reason need to revert back, you can do so easily. You can find more detailed directions in the release notes for each version.