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    Help Analyzing Netvanta 7100 Exception Reports

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      The unit began rebooting  on 12/11/2014.  It did it about 3-5 times that day and was up again in 5-10 minutes after each incident.  Then on 12/12/2014 connectivity was not reestablished even though the machine was powered on.  I performed a cold boot and connectivity was restored but it kept on rebooting once every hour until it was replaced.  The problem unit was running A4.08.00.E but we had never experienced this problem in 3 years until now.  I managed to retrieve the attached exception reports from flash.  The firmware has been updated to R10.9.5.E but if firmware was the problem would't we have experienced it sooner?  Hopefully someone out there can help decode these.  I want to make sure the issue will not happen again if I put the unit back into production.

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          Please open a ticket with ADTRAN support so we can help investigate this issue.  This is not a common problem but changes to the configuration or the traffic that is being sent to the device can cause a software issue like this reboot to start occurring.  My first recommendation when encountering this type of issue would be to make sure your device firmware is upgraded to the latest Extended Maintenance Release, which is currently R10.9.5.