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    Firmware upgrade errors

    00100100 New Member

      I just performed a platform upgrade, after doing so one of my domains successfully updated the AP's to their new firmware version. However, on one of the other domains i am managing the AP's are not updating. I'm getting a status Modified, and an error of Download Failed: Download process exited with failure: No route to remote host.


      The version I'm updating the AP's from is 6.7.0-23 to 6.9.0-31 the AP's are 1920's, and 1940's. The version of firmaware on the vWLAN is v2.5.0.12.


      I'm not sure what would cause this, because up until this point there have been no issues sending out configurations to the AP's.

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          dalicea New Member

          Has anyone figured this out? I am having the same issue with eleven APs (1930s). I upgraded the firmware to and the VM was upgraded to V2_5_1_07. I opened a support case this morning, but wanted to see if anyone ran into this in the community. All other 400+ APs upgraded fine, including some other 1930s at different sites.

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              dalicea New Member

              Ok, I just figured out that it was the firewall blocking port 33334. My other sites with this model of AP do not have firewalls which is why it worked. Normally, we only allow port 33333 across the firewall, but it seems something changed with the 1930s perhaps. Either way, after allowing port 33334, the APs upgraded.

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                  evanh Employee



                  Port 33334 is actually the port used for Virtual Ethernet which allows APs to pass RF data back to vWLAN. This was added as a firewall requirement in version 2.4.0. Some APs will not come up properly if this port is not open.


                  Please let me know if you have questions.