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    Remove DND from VVX series phones

    andrewtre New Member

      I have a customer running all VVX 400 series phones.  He would like to remove the DND function from some of them.  I see in the Polycom forums that it is possible with UCS 5.1.1 and later, but need clarification if it can be done with behind a 7100.  Disable or remove the DND Softkey - Polycom Community


      Am i able to run UCS 5.1.1 safely on these phones?

      What file would need to be modified to accomplish this on a per phone basis?



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          charles Employee



          Custom phone configuration changes for Polycom phones can be added in the NV7100 web interface on the IP Phone Globals-->Global Files-->Polycom customer-sip.cfg page.  The NV7100 does not support a method for implementing these changes on a per phone basis.  Changes on this page will apply to all Polycom phones. Polycom UC software 5.1.1 has not yet been tested and approved for use with the NV7100 so be aware of that if you choose to upgrade the phones.