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    Netvanta 7100 Failed Boot

    juad Visitor

      Our Netvanta 7100 is stuck in boot process with all port lights Orange.  Trouble began yesterday morning when the 7100 rebooted itself.  It came back up after 5 minutes and was working fine until 2pm that same day when it rebooted again.  Then this morning it was on but all services down.  We rebooted the unit and all was working when it came back online but from that point on it would go down very hour or so until we replaced it with a spare.  I tried powering it on in my office to test it and it is just stuck there in the boot process with all port lights Orange.  Is there any way of resetting it to factory if it won't boot at all?  I switched out the only module that it had in case it was bad.  Once in my office I first turned it on without the Flash.  I then attempted to power it on with the Flash and still nothing.  Any ideas?

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          juad Visitor

          Unit was stuck in bootstrap mode.  I connected through the serial Db9 port in the back.  Since it was setup to boot from CFlash and the CFlash was removed it did not have the firmware to boot from.  I copied over new firmware from tftp and unit is now working again.