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    vWLAN Platform Upgrade v2.5.0.12

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      I'm preparing to upgrade my vWLAN appliance to version from the current version of I have never performed a vWLAN upgrade before and i want to make sure i get it done with minimal down time. The main purpose for the upgrade is because i've recieved a few new AP's with the firmware version of 6.9.0-31. So i will be creating a new firmware in the appliance once the upgrade is complete to upgrade all of my AP's from version 6.7.0-23. After reading over some materials i feel that i may have a decent grasp on the process for the upgrade, but i want to verify i'm correct...


      Currently i'm operating on "Partition B", once i select "Maintain current configuration" tab and browse to the .IMG file under the platform upgrade tab i should just follow through the steps and allow it to run the task. Once the task is complete i can create a new firmware for my AP's and have the appliance push out the new version.


      This could be completely wrong, but this is why i wanted to verify. I am also curious if it will roll everything over to "Partition A" during the upgrade, automatically, to prevent downtime, or will there be downtime during this upgrade? If there is any other information i can give, please let me know...Thanks!

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          briangonyer Visitor

          That's about it, when you apply the new firmware after upgrading make sure is you tell it to apply this firmware to all templates

          make a backup first before proceeding


          the update will format partition a and apply the new software, then apply your config to runtime a and will alert you with a platform task that you need to restart vWLAN, but no the system will go on servicing clients while you are updating just not while it is restarting.