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    ECS 4.5 Delete Messages

    jwable Frequent Visitor

      On ECS 4.5 with Local Message Store using SMTP email forwarding is it safe to delete message from the hard drive or is there a database entry pointing to the location?  Example:

      Extension 115 Has 96 voice mails saved on the system but since voice mail is delivered to Email via SMTP that user never deletes from phone or Client.

      Extension 120 is a FAX Service that receives FAXes and has over 1,000 FAX messages.


      It appears the files are stored in


      C:\Program Files (x86)\ADTRAN\NetVanta UC Server\Data\Users\”UserID”\Mailbox\Inbox


      So if I go in and delete old files from time to time will that break something or do I have to go in through the Admin account and delete items?


      John Wable

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          markfreeman Employee


          Hope you have been doing well. Here is the response to your question:


          You can delete the items in the user’s mailbox with caveats:


          1-      Ensure that the corresponding .dat is also removed  for every message.att

          2-      Changes in the client UI will only be recognized after the server application service has been restarted (to re-index the user directory)

          3-      Alternatively select and delete within the UI