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    Auto update directory for SNOM and Granstream phones?

    rsummers New Member

      I'm very new to administering Netvanta ECS so if this question has been answered elsewhere I apologize in advance.


      We are a school district running  Netvanta ECS. We are running Grandstream GXP-1405, SNOM 300 and SNOM 821 phones. I am wanting to know how I can make these phones auto update their directory. Is that possible and if so, how do I do it?

      Right now I am having to access each SNOM phone manually via the IP address and update the directory through the phone. As you can imagine that is a lengthy process. I haven't even started on the Grandstream phones. I am hoping there is a place on the server I can drop a properly formatted directory and have the phones pull it in automatically. I have read that the SNOM phones use XCAP to maintain the directory but I don't see anything about XCAP in the Netvanta documentation.


      Thank you.