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    Can no longer access SCU via serial or ethernet. What next?

    milehighcc New Member

      So we have several MX2820's all running with an SCU card.  Only one of the 2820's can no longer be accessed over Ethernet and connecting via USB to Serial cable does not work.  We have changed cables, checked all settings (COM port, BPS speed) and still cannot access.   Any ideas as to what is going on or what can be done to fix this?


      Lights on the SCU are currently green.

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          adtn99 Employee

          In the past multiple customers have experianced issues accessing ADTRAN Serial port/DB9 via various USB adapters.  If you don't have a laptop with a DB9 communication port you can try accessing the chassis via the LAN/IP interface direct by removing the existing LAN/IP cable you currently use for remote access and connecting your laptop direct to the chassis via a strait LAN/IP cable directly and then try establishing a Telnet session via the systems IP address.  You can also try removing and replacing the SCU Module and after the LEDs return to a normal state try remote access via IP/LAN Telnet session again (this is none service affecting i.e. doesn't impact the traffic being carried by the M13 Modules).