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    VWLAN Hardware appliance controller (serial number: 80024113020020)

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      I am Fadel Mohaidly form Meatel Lebanon. We are your partners in Lebanon. There is a customer who bought from us bluesocket products, and he needs support since he is facing some problems. So, please we need your help.  First of all, our customer controller version is V2_3_0_09.  Second, in the hotspot authentications he only has the below  three account types and he doesn’t have any option to create extra accounts: 1.    Friends and Family is the first account   (can be authenticated by ldap but once the email of the user is submitted, it will automatically allow internet access without further authentication) 2.    Free spot  give direct access to internet  3.    DNA   ( Ask for an email address but allow them access to the internet without further authentication or email sending (voucher with codes….) In the above accounts can you provide us with a solution in order to authenticate these accounts? Moreover, Can you inform us of a way to create new accounts?  Finally, the internet user doesn’t receive any SMS integration with hotspot or any kind  of payment type. So, what is the solution for this? 

      Best Regards,

      Fadel Mohaidly