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    BSAP connection issue with Cisco Catalyst 3560

    skliffi New Member

      We connected vWLAN 2.5 (2.4 also) BSAP model 1920 to the Cisco 3560 switch, setup switch port as trunk with all vlans allowed and one vlan as native for BSAP management.

      AP status became UpToDate, location with client vlan is Up, SSID became visible, AP Traffic Capture works fine. But no one can connect to the WLAN - open network fails with no error, WPA2-PSK showed Wrong Password message on my Android Phone. We investigate the issue and find out that when we setup switch port as trunk with "allowed  vlan all" - connection to WLAN fails, with "allowed vlan 5,10,15" etc - everithing works fine. Traffice Capture show network exchange stopped after EAPOL packet 1 - BSAP send EAPOL 1of 4, client Ack, then Disassociate message from BSAP.

      It was difficulty to understand the issue when AP showed Location as Up and no any network errors. I cant understand why this is so, and have no Cisco switch to debug switching process - it was customer premises installation. I have saved TechInfo dump from vWLAN