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    Security Issues with Netvanta 1544P

    chrisjoles New Member

      We just had a configuration audit and all of our 1544P switches kicked out issues with


      SSL Ciphers Weak

      SSL Certificate Weak Hashing Algorithm

      SSL/TLS Renegotiation Vuln

      SSH Server CBC Mode Ciphers Enabled


      After further review on this, I have found that SSH V2 is enabled.  How can I disable SSH v1?

      Will upgrading the firmware to the latest release remove the SSL issues noted?




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          Thank you for asking this question in the support community.


          Unfortunately, every security audit software is different, so it is difficult to create a standard to meet all of the criteria.  The Security Audit in AOS Quick Configuration Guide has valuable information about ADTRAN's ability to meet the requirements.  To answer your questions, at the time of this post, AOS units support SSHv2 only.  Therefore, there is no need to disable SSHv1, as it is not supported.  There have been some SSL features and enhancements in AOS, but I cannot determine if upgrading will alleviate the issues noted by the auditing software.  ADTRAN always recommends running the current maintenance release, as indicated on the product firmware download page.


          Please, let me know if you have any additional questions.  I will be happy to help in any way I can.



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            evanh Employee



            I am marking this assumed answered. However, if you have more to add please do not hesitate to do so.




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              seamanjeff New Member

              It is a serious vulnerability to not support a current, secure, key exchange algorithm and cipher suite.  This is what was required to connect to my Adtran 1544P with firmware R12.3.3.


              $ ssh -oKexAlgorithms=+diffie-hellman-group1-sha1 -oCiphers=+3des-cbc admin@xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx


              Why do you think it is that openssh doesn't support these by default ?  Also tell me why I should not submit this to DHS?


              I'm not talking about SSH1.