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    can the Netvanta 6310 support two 8 port FXS VIMs?

    bradh8148 New Member

      I am evaluating the Netvanta 6310. When I connect two 8 port FXS VIMs and try to boot up the Adtran it becomes unresponsive once it says "initializing Analog Services for FXS 1/1-8".


      However if I disconnect one of the FXS VIMs it boots up normally. I have tried both FXS VIMS in both slots separately. I am able to get the Adtran to boot successfully when only one VIM is installed into either slot.


      So I know there is no issue with Slot 1 or 2 and that there is no issue with either FXS VIM card. Is there any thing I need to configure to get both FXS VIMS to work at the same time?